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Food Fight is a website dedicated to the massive legislation known as the “Farm Bill.” The US Congress updates this important bill every 5 to 7 years. It is responsible for nearly $100 billion of spending each year for nutrition assistance, farming and conservation programs.

The Farm Bill is one of those tangled subjects where you pull the string and find the whole world attached. Food stamps, school lunches, crop subsidies, corn ethanol, animal feeding operations, endangered species protection, plant research, the fate of family farmers (both here and abroad), food aid to hungry countries — these issues and many more are all affected by the Farm Bill.

The trouble is that the Farm Bill is neither glamorous nor approachable to the average citizen. Its hundreds of pages are filled with so many acronyms and program names that even professional bureaucrats have a hard time mastering it. And it should rightly be called the Food and Farm Bill, because the food stamp program accounts for the biggest share of its spending.

Many Farm Bill policies are stuck in the past and need a major overhaul. But that will require real citizen agitation and involvement. So we’ve written a book designed to translate the jargon and the issues into easily digestible sections. We hope you’ll join us in reading and sharing this book, getting the word out, and voting with your fork!

Watch Food Fight author Daniel Imhoff, speaking about the history and importance of the Farm Bill in the excellent PBS documentary series, Food Forward.



Food Fight

The Citizen’s Guide to the Next
Food and Farm Bill


Written by Daniel Imhoff
Foreword by Michael Pollan
Intro by Fred Kirschenman


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